Baja Gray Whale Videos – Cool Aerials Videos of Mother and Baby Gray Whales in Baja

Great News! 2018 a Record for California Gray Whales

Check Out These Amazing Baja Gray Whale Videos

According to the American Cetacean Society, Los Angeles Gray Whale Census and Behavior Project, which for 32 years has monitored the number of whales passing by the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a record number of whales have migrating south past Southern California from the Arctic  this season.

The project counted 504 whales heading south, more than any year heretofore. Those 504 whales only included whales apparent to the naked eye, but that number surpasses the number of whales counted for an entire season in 11 of the 31 years.

During this migration season extends between November to January, an estimated 15,000 gray whales swim from the Arctic to Baja California. The return north with new born babies from February – April.


Want to Pet a Full Grown Gentle Grey Whale? Here’s How…


Petting Baby Whales – Best of Baja Whales, Dolphins & Sea Lions


Check out this cool aerial footage of a newborn gray whale and its mother off of Southern California.

Cool Aerial the Sea of Cortez and Videos of Baby Gray Whale and Mother

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  • This is a 6-day all-inclusive whale watching trip departing from San Diego by private air carriage that includes Baja whale watching on both the Pacific Ocean AND staying in the the award winning Las Animas Ecolodge on the Sea of Cortez. All in one trip. No other whale watching tour operator has a trip like this. period.


Lucky whale watchers get the chance to meet a friendly pod of grey whales.

These Baja Gray Whale Videos by wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine, used a drone give an aerial view, captured these magical moments in one of the famous lagoons along the Pacific coast of Baja California, Mexico. The enthusiastic animal lovers in the boat were also able to film their interactions with the grey whale mothers and their calves.


Whale Watching Trip in Baja Sur, Mexico

The gray whales migrate from Canada and Alaska to these Pacific ocean lagoons to give birth, and some of the whales seek out human contact: you can pet whales! These Baja gray whale videos  in Laguna Ojo de Libre (Scammons Lagoon) which is where Baja AirVentures’ does their “Best of Baja” whale watching trip.



Three Separate Baja Whale Watching Tours

Here’s your chance to experience Baja’s pristine waters, view more whales, spend less time traveling, enjoy small groups and comfortable accommodations.

Baja AirVentures has three one-of-kind soft, eco-adventure Baja whale watching tours you’ll love: Two unique Baja whale watching trips on the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez and one Baja whale shark ecotour on the Sea of Cortez that world travelers rave about.

#1: The Best of Baja Whale Watching Trips:

  • February – Beg. April

Lodging for the popular “Best of Baja’s Whales, Dolphins and Sea Lions includes a bed and breakfast stay on the Pacific Ocean, as well as time spent at our famous Las Animas Eco-Lodge, where you can experience sea lions, dolphins, and more whales.

And with the doubling of whales seen migrating south as reported by the LA Times, you are sure to have amazing close encounters you have dreamed of. This is the ultimate whale watching experience for eco-adventure and nature seekers you’ll always fondly remember.

A Whale of a fine time!

“We took our 12 year old grandson to see the gray whales (in the Pacific side of the trip) and were thrilled at the adventure of having them come right up to the boats to be touched. I would say that this is a trip for any age 8-80+.” Tripadvisor 4-star Rating


#2: The Ultimate Baja Whale Shark Experience:

  • August – Beg. November

We also offer Baja Whale Shark Tours on the Sea of Cortez August through November. Here’s your best opportunity to view these gentle giants, so near to the US.

Baja whale shark snorkeling

#3: Year Round Whale Watching & Multi-Sport Fun: Sea of Cortez

  • Year Round Fun

Las Animas Eco-Lodge on the Sea of Cortez has year round Fin Whales and Blue whales and more. Directly in front of our bay is the “Canal De Ballenas” (Whale Canal) where at any given moment you may have fin whale sightings. These majestic creatures are the second largest whales in the world. You may have the chance to see one of them from your yurt’s patio spouting at a distance. Our captains are always ready to take you to have a closer look in our boats.

Baja whale watching videos on sea of cortez

Las Animas Wilderness EcoLodge, Relaxing in Hammock with View on Bay

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