Quick Facts about Baja Airventures

Q. What are the qualifications of your whale watching guides?
A. At San Ignacio Lagoons and Scammons we use local licensed guides who are accompanied by your English speaking Baja AirVentures guide. They are extremely knowledgeable of the local flora and fauna and have been taking out such tour groups for years. They are aware and abide by the rules and regulations for the safe viewing which includes ways in which to leave them undisturbed.
Q. What is your trip capacity?
A. Baja Airventures limits group size to no more then 11 guests on the Best of Baja tour. Other whale watching tours companies often crowd up to 50 or more on a single tour and as a result are unable to provide as personal or rewarding an experience
Q. How is the Food?
A. The food is fantastic! We boast the best kitchens on both sides of the peninsula! Our cooks offer all you can eat in traditional ranchero style meals, barbecue, fresh fish, home-made tortillas; purified drinking water are all included.
Q. How about the accommodations?
A. The tours double occupancy B&B rooms are clean, private, charming and comfortable. Las Animas’s features private yurts with an attached private bathroom with state of the art dry compost toilets, solar showers and comfortable beds.

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