Baja Whale Shark Videos

Baja Whale Shark Videos

Cool Short Videos & Photos of Swimming & Snorkeling with Gentle Baja Whale Sharks August – November


Midriff Islands, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico

“One of the World’s Best Places to See & Experience Whale Sharks – Guaranteed”

— Only 300 Miles South of San Diego —


If you have dreamed of a chance to swim with whale sharks, ever Baja Whale Shark Videosmarveled at their overwhelming size and beauty – then Baja AirVentures new Baja whale shark trip is entirely what you’ve been waiting for!

Here is some cool short Baja whale shark videos you will love.

Swimming with Baja Whale Sharks Videos

Midriff Island Region, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico


Famous Marine Biologist Shares Why She Loves This



Comments from Global Travelers and Ecotourists on Getting Close to Baja Whale Sharks,  the World’s Largest Fish from the Water and the Boat



Young women is amazed with her Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling fun near Las Animas Wilderness Ecolodge and Bahia de Los Angeles.



 Swimming with Baja Whale Sharks Videos Tour Overview


Our super cool pilot/guide of Baja AirVentures, swims with a friendly whale shark. The coolest of Baja Whale Shark Videos


Famous Marine Biologist Shares Why She Loves This


Whale sharks, the largest “fish” in the sea, may look intimidating because of their size. Yet they are docile creatures with little or no fear of curious humans. The thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures in the wild is truly a bucket list experience. Whether you are on board an excursion boat looking down on them as they glide by, or in the water swimming along their side, you’ll never forget your close encounter with these magnificent denizens of the deep. This adventure was part of Baja AirVenture’s “Swimming with the Whale Sharks” tour August – November.


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Whale sharks are rare, elusive and magnificent creatures. There are only four places on the planet whale sharks make predictable appearances at certain times of year. The Sea of Cortez near Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico is one of those 4 spots and closest to the US. Your 6-day whale shark tour trip will use our popular Eco-friendly Las Animas Wilderness EcoLodge, as its base. The rustic eco-lodge is a boat-in only, multi – sport, all-inclusive, soft eco-adventure “Glamping” experience located in the heart of the Midriff Islands, which is near the feeding grounds for the elusive whale shark. We utilize our own private carriage to transport you from San Diego, California to the whale shark tours feeding grounds in just a few hours. No other Baja tour operator can offer you as much time spent on the ground and such little time traveling, because no other Baja whale shark tour operator has their own private carriage. We will brief you on your upcoming activities on the first day, including protocol and the safety procedures for swimming with these gentle giants.

Baja AirVentures is  fully licensed and permitted by the Mexican government (SEMARNAT) to run the whale shark trips, ecotourism and birdwatching trips in Bahia de Los Angeles region of the Sea of Cortez.