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Are you in AWE of the possibility of swimming alongside whale sharks? If so you are not alone.  Many have question and some concerns to see is this eco-adventure is right for them.


Here Are Answers to 7 Top

Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling Questions



Why This Famous Marine Biolgist Loves This…

Captain Nancy Caruso is a well known marine biogist who is helping save and re-introduce Southern California abalone. Her life is dedicate to living, working and preserving global marine environments and species. Nancy is also better traveled them most us. Watch this 1 minute video from Nancy  to see why she love connecting with the world’s largest fish like this…


Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling Questions: 7 Top Questions, Answers and Suggestions


What’s the best time of the year to see whale sharks?

Right now. August – October is prime because the warm waters provide abundant plankton for feeding which whale sharks love. Yum Yum!



Are whale sharks dangerous?

No they only feed on plankton and swim through the water along the surface very slowly. They are the largest fish in the world that are harmless.


Do I have to be in great shape or be a strong swimmer to do this?

If you are in average shape and like the water, you’ll do fine. We’ve had guess from 6 to over 80 love this. Even if you don’t know how to swim or want to relax even more, you can use a personal floatation device and easily see the whale sharks.

Answers to your top baja whale shark snorkeling questions

We have been other places in world for whale sharks and did not have great luck. How are the Sea of Cortez waters near your Las Animas Ecolodge better for seeing and getting close to whale sharks?

Although there are no guarantees, we have never not seen whale sharks near our lodge between August – October. Seeing and getting close 5 – 10 in 1 day is not that unusual. The tidal currents funnel plankton rich water daily into the protected bays near our lodge. The whale sharks must love it because they gather very consistently.

What is the air temperature, water clarity and temperate and like in the late summer / early Fall?

Average summertime water clarity ranges from 35′ – 60′ or deeper while water temperatures hover between 80F – 82F. The region enjoys a cooler microclimate with daytime temps up to 95F and evenings a pleasant 76 – 78F.


How are the whale sharks with swimmers in the waters with them?

Baja whale sharks are very tolerant and curios to our encounters. They are very docile and all movements in the water are very slow. We respect these magnificent fish and let them approach us. Also because of our remote location, we are usually one of the only tour companies there so you have these whale sharks all to yourself.

Is snorkeling with Whale Sharks all we do on the trips?

We are so very delighted that are guest consistently rave about all the OTHER fun things they did in and around our Las Animas Eco-Lodge. The whale sharks are just an awesome bonus.

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Grab Your Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling Bucket List Experience Before They Are All Gone…

The balance of the 2017 whale shark trips are filling up fast. October 30th which is our last whale shark trip departure.

See the last 2017 whale shark departures and openings here.


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