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Baja Pilot Job – Seasonal

Chief Pilot, Captain & Guide

Baja Pilot Career: Live the dream! Fly Baja, Mexico

Since 1989, San Diego based Baja AirVentures has provided fly-in multi-sport soft eco-adventure Baja pilot job @ Las Animas Ecolodgevacations throughout Baja, Mexico for 1000’s of happy guests. We own and run the award-winning Las Animas Eco-Lodge on the Sea of Cortez. This is a great opportunity to combine and build your passion for flying, travel, adventure, the outdoors, and customer service while building leadership experience in the booming adventure, ecotourism and hospitality industry.

Baja Pilot Job & Guide information

Baja Air Ventures and Las Animas Wilderness Eco-Lodge is the #1 tripadvisor ranked specialty lodge in all of Northern Baja, Mexico.   We run a fleet of two Piper Cherokee 6’s and two Piper Lance aircraft. We are a growing company with an excellent reputation with clients from around the world.

This is an excellent position for any pilot wanting “Baja flying” experience.

Here’s a recent feature Travel article in San Diego Union Tribune on our whale shark trips:

Baja pilot job to award winning Las Animas EcolodgeHere’s our Tripadvisor top reviews page:

Baja Pilot Job Status: Seasonal

  • Three high seasons

    • February – March
    • May
    • September – October
  • Two Low Season
    • June – August
    • November – December

Baja pilot job midriff island aerial views - Sea of Cortez






Baja pilot job - plane to plane Baja aerial

Baja Pilot Job Qualifications:

  • Hours minimum: 500 – 1000 totalBaja pilot job aerial views
  • 100 hours cross country
  • 25 hour in make and model
  • FAA Commercial SEL w/ instrument or better
  • Great customer service skills and a positive attitude
  • Able to do 6-day work assignments
  • Must be willing to commit to 6 months or more
  • Piston engine Bush pilot skills
  • Able to “wrench” on a plane, i.e. fix a flat, change a generator in the field, etc.
  • References
  • Sportsman: loves the outdoors, nature, active activities
  • Hold a second class medical or better
  • Must be able to read, write, and fluently speak the English language
  • Must hold a valid passport with United States work privileges
  • Promote and foster a safe and secure operating environment
  • Experience in managing pilots, aircraft, scheduling and maintenance
  • Experience working in a team environment with some management skills

Baja Pilot Job Benefits:

  • Pay is better than industry standard and is based on a three 6-day trips per month minimum Baja Pilot jobs for outdoor guidesduring season
  • Additional pay for Chief pilot responsibilities.
  • Pilot/Guides also can earn additionally lucrative tips on trips
  • Guaranteed 10 days off a month to aid commutability
  • Two weeks vacation after your first year as a great team member
  • Pay upgrade and additional benefits is based on individual performance after 1 year and is evaluated annually.
  • Independent contractor status subject to review after first year
  • Room and board included during trips

Baja Pilot Job Notes:

The following skills and experience are not required but will be evaluated in selecting top candidates.Las Animas Wilderness Eco Lodge, Goodbye party

  • Spanish: Conversational basics or better
  • Service industry experience
  • A&P License & tools
  • A&P Skills & tools
  • Has done interpretive guiding in outdoors
  • Leadership training and experience
  • EMT & 1st responder or Wilderness 1st responder
  • Extra pay for experience and willingness to schedule pilot training and monitor and schedule aircraft maintenance, hanger management, etc.

Baja Pilot Job Training:

  • Weekly per diem during training.

Baja Pilot Job Application:

To be considered for interview pool, candidates must Email resume and reference to Kevin Warren, owner Baja AirVentures.

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Baja Pilot Job Closing Date:

  • November. 29, 2015 or as soon as position is filled