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Best of Baja • Whales, Dolphins & Sea Lions Tour
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Whale Sharks Tours: Midriff Islands Region, Sea of Cortez


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NEWS FLASH: LA Times Reports Gray Whales Migrating to Baja Doubles from a Year Ago. A Record Year for Whale Watching.

Here’s your chance to experience Baja’s pristine waters, view more whales, spend less time traveling, enjoy small groups and comfortable accommodations.

Baja AirVentures has three one-of-kind soft, eco-adventure Baja whale watching tours you’ll love: Two unique Baja whale watching trips and one Baja whale shark ecotour that world travelers rave about.

#1: The Best of Baja Whale Watching Trips: February – March

Lodging for the popular “Best of Baja’s Whales, Dolphins and Sea Lions” includes a bed and breakfast stay on the Pacific Ocean, as well as time spent at our famous Las Animas Wilderness Lodge, where you can experience sea lions, dolphins, and more whales.

And with the doubling of whales seen migrating south as reported by the LA Times, you are sure to have amazing close encounters you have dreamed of. This is the ultimate whale watching experience for eco-adventure and nature seekers you’ll always fondly remember.

A Whale of a fine time!

We took our 12 year old grandson to see the gray whales (in the Pacific side of the trip) and were thrilled at the adventure of having them come right up to the boats to be touched. I would say that this is a trip for any age 8-80+.

Tripadvisor 4-star Rating

#2: The Ultimate Baja Whale Shark Experience: August – October

We also offer Baja Whale Shark Tours on the Sea of Cortez August through October. Here’s your best opportunity to view these gentle giants, so near to the US.

There is NOTHING in this world like snorkeling with these magnificent behemoths…

They (whale sharks) are gentle creatures… a once-in-a-lifetime encounter will happen (or many more, in our case).

5-Star Review: Top Contributor Tripadvisor with 137 Reviews: CatsforKids, Chicago, IL

#3: Year Round Whale Watching & Multi-Sport Fun: Sea of Cortez

Las Animas Wilderness Lodge has year round fin whales. Directly in front of our bay is the “Canal De Ballenas” (Whale Canal) where at any given moment you may have fin whale sightings. These majestic creatures are the second largest whales in the world. You may have the chance to see one of them from your yurt’s patio spouting at a distance. Our captains are always ready to take you to have a closer look in our boats.

Love the Silence and the Stars

We celebrated our 50th anniversary by returning to Las Animas. Actually we were at the first camp about 11 years ago and remembered the silence and the amazing bright stars.

5-Star Review: Top Contributor with 60 Reviews: Lulu22902

Jumping whale watching in baja MexicoBaja whale watching and petting whales Baja whale shark snorkeling and whale watchingBaja whale watching adult whale watching in Baja

Why choose Baja Airventures for Baja whale watching tours?

  • Close to America – your Baja whale watching tours begin and end directly in San Diego, CA
  • We give you more time enjoying the beauty of Baja, for less money.
  • We offer comfortable accommodations – private B&B lodging a well as our wilderness retreat. No camping.
  • Small groups (no more than 11) and private locations along the untouched Baja peninsula.
  • See and experience more of Baja through the windows of a private aircraft.
  • You’ll enjoy more of Baja from the land, sea and air thanks to less travel time.
  • No other operator is able to combine the best of both sides of Baja like we are.
  • Open bar to Beer and Margaritas
  • Superior customer service
  • Experienced and friendly staff & guides
  • Thousands of happy guests since 1989

Quick Facts about Baja Whale Watching Tours

Q. What are the qualifications of your Baja whale watching tour guides?
A. At San Ignacio Lagoons and Scammons we use local licensed guides who are accompanied by your English speaking Baja AirVentures guide. They are extremely knowledgeable of the local flora and fauna and have been taking out whale watching tour groups for years. They are aware and abide by the rules and regulations for the safe viewing which includes ways in which to leave them undisturbed.
Q. What is your trip capacity?
A. Baja Airventures limits group size to no more than 11 guests on the Best of Baja tour. Other whale watching tour companies often crowd up to 50 or more on a single tour and as a result are unable to provide as personal or rewarding an experience
Q. How is the Food?
A. The food is fantastic! We boast the best kitchens on both sides of the peninsula! Our cooks offer all you can eat in traditional ranchero style meals, barbecue, fresh fish, home-made tortillas; purified drinking water are all included.
Q. How about the accommodations?
A. The whale watching tours double occupancy B&B rooms are clean, private, charming and comfortable. Las Animas’s features private yurts with an attached private bathroom with state of the art dry compost toilets, solar showers and comfortable beds

Baja whale watching tours may get you close enough to touch!

Imagine the five to six days that you will be able to experience and learn about the outstanding Baja peninsula. This is a diverse and brilliant wilderness area full of contrasts. Only in Baja, Mexico are you able experience four ecosystems: Mediterranean, coastal, desert and mountain, two oceans, and all less than 3 hours from the US. Flying in your own private aircraft atop lush green valleys, pine forests, pristine coastlines, and snow capped mountains, endless virgin coastlines and deeply sculptured canyons!

Enhance your Quality of Life

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This Could be your Dream Vacation

Video: Baby Whale Loves to be Pet

It’s obvious that Las Animas has been a labor of love.

Tranquility, biodiversity and solitude, a staff attentive to all the details: and a perfect amount of Americanism with the kayaks, sailboats, wind and water toys. I’ll be back!

Sarah & Jon Kenley Forrester Ann Arbor, MI

#1: Best of Baja, Whales, Dolphins and Sea Lions

“Best of Baja” Tours

  • All-inclusive including private air carriage from San Diego
  • 6-day whale watching trips depart Monday or Tuesday 7:00 AM
  • Returning to San Diego Saturday or Sunday by 5:00 PM
  • Custom and longer trips available

Price: $2,795*
*Please add 13% Mexican government IVA & 3% National Park Tax*



Day 1
Meet at San Diego Brown field at 7:00 AM, depart 8:00 AM, fly to either Ensenada or San Felipe in order to clear customs. Flight see along the Pacific Coast and the Sea of Cortez searching for whales until you reach Laguna Ojo De Libre (Scammons Lagoon), where a vehicle is ready to transfer you to the lagoon. Whale watch in the afternoon of day 1 – Parque de Ballenas Gris (back of the Lagoon – whale nursery). Transfer to nearby Bed & Breakfast in Guerro Negro. (Lunch, Dinner)
Day 2
Lecture on the Viscaino Biosphere Reserve (the largest in Latin America) and the Grey Whale (Ballenas Gris) followed by a whale watch trip in Laguna Ojo De Libre (front of lagoon) in A.M., followed by a picnic lunch. Afternoon more whale watching in Parque de Ballenas de Gris (back of the Lagoon) or open afternoon for nature walks by the lagoon, bicycling or free time. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 3
Whale watching continues in the morning I the front of the lagoon, followed by an afternoon picnic lunch and an aerial tour of Laguna Ojo de Libre and the Midriff Island chain. A boat will transfer you out to Las Animas Wilderness Lodge in the afternoon. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 4 & 5
Explore the region by both land and water as you enjoy sea kayaks, motorized boats, and hiking. Snorkel with and observe sea lions, watch dolphins play and possibly view several types of whales, including the fin whale (the second largest in the world). (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Day 6

We Depart Las Animas mid morning. Watch sea birds and marine mammals en route to Bahia de Los Angeles, where we visit local museum. The return flight travels along the Sea of Cortez with in-flight lunch to San Diego. Arrive at Brown field approx. 5:00 PM. (Breakfast and Lunch)

We look forward to helping you experience the trip of a lifetime. Make your reservation soon. These trips will fill fast.

#2: Snorkel with Baja Whale Shark Tours: August – October

Baja Whale Shark Snorkeling Trips

Baja Whale Shark Trips on the sea of Cortez August through to October based in our Las Animas Wilderness Lodge. This is the closest whale shark tour destination US with the one of the best opportunities to swim up close to these gentle giants. Truly a “bucket list” experience!

6-day all-inclusive trips are $2595
*Please add 13% Mexican government IVA & 3% National Park Tax*

#3: Baja Whale Watching Tours: Sea of Cortez

Las Animas Wilderness Lodge All inclusive including:

  • Private air carriage to the Sea of Cortez from San Diego
  • 6-day whale watching trips depart Monday 7:00 AM
  • Returning to San Diego Saturday by 5:00 PM
  • Custom and longer trips available

Year Round at Wilderness Lodge 6-day all-inclusive trips are $1895 *Please add 13% Mexican government IVA & 3% National Park Tax*