Baja Whale Shark Tours Swimming & Snorkel with Baja Whale Sharks
Bahia de Los Angeles, Midriff Islands, Sea of Cortez, Baja, Mexico

One of the World's Best places to See Whale Sharks
Only 300 Miles South of San Diego --

Baja Whale Shark Tour Season - Mid-Aug. - End of Oct. (see video)
If you have dreamed of a chance to swim with whale sharks, ever marveled at their overwhelming size and beauty - then Baja Airventures new whale shark tour trip is entirely what you've been waiting for!

Swimming with Baja Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are rare, elusive and magnificent creatures. There are only four places on the planet whale sharks make predictable appearances at certain times of year. The Sea of Cortez near Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California, Mexico is one of those 4 spots and closest to the US.

Your 4 to 6-day whale shark tour trip will use our popular Eco-friendly Las Animas Wilderness Lodge, as its base. The lodge is a boat-in only , multi – sport, all-inclusive, soft eco-adventure destination located in the heart of the Midriff Islands, in addition to being feeding grounds for the elusive whale shark.

We utilize our own aircraft to transport you from San Diego, California to the whale shark tours feeding grounds in just a few hours. No other Baja tour operator can offer you as much time spent on the ground and such little time traveling, because no other Baja whake shark tour operator has their own aircraft. We will brief you on your upcoming activities on the first day, including protocol and the safety procedures for swimming with these gentle giants.

Your days will be filled with snorkeling with Whale Sharks, cruising isolated islands and coves looking for the up to 10 species of whales that frequent these waters – including fin and blue whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and manta rays. The daily whale shark tour schedules are known to vary depending on what it is the whale sharks are doing, and when they wish to swim with us. Average summertime water clarity ranges from 35' – 60' or deeper while water temperatures hover between 78F – 80F. The region enjoys a cooler microclimate with daytime temps up to 95F and evenings a pleasant 76 – 78F.

Whale Shark Tours - Private Experience
Stay in a Wilderness Lodge all to yourself, not a mega Tourism Destination

5 to 1 guide ration not a huge group of people

Very Small whale shark tour groups with whales practically to yourself

Pristine wilderness all to yourself compared to developed resorts with 1000's of people

Very small whale shark tour groups. Only 5 guest in a boat

More Time with the Whale Sharks
Our whale shark tours include a short boat ride; not long transfers by bus

Have the whales all to yourself

4 hours or more with whale sharks daily compared to 3 hours or less with other whale shark tours.

Value for your Time
San Diego gateway city. Get to the whales in less then 3 hours

4 days of snorkeling with whale shark

So many things one can do in addition to the whale shark tour and all included in one price

Includes access to all the toys: saving you hundreds of dollars
No need to go out for every meal. Great meals all included right at Las Animas Lodge

No need to travel to each activity, everything at your private beach

Additional excursions included – no extra charge, Includes: snorkeling with sea lions, exploring offshore Islands, Whale watching including blue and fin back whales, Bird watching, dolphins and more

No reservations required: choose what you want to do or join or daily adventures

Whale Shark (Rhiniodon Typus)
Whale sharks are the world's largest fish as well as the world's largest shark. They are harmless plankton eaters, and tend to feed close to the sea waters surface. They are known to reach lengths of up to18 meters (60ft) however average 12 meters (40ft) in length. This shark is easily identified due to its very distinctive pattern of white colored spots, its wide mouth and enormous size. Aside from their huge size, little is known about these creatures. Rarely seen in coastal shallow waters, these mammals are regular visitors to Bahia de Los Angles, Baja Mexico in the summer to fall months of July and September. They come to feed on the plankton of the nutrient rich waters surrounding Las Animas Wilderness lodge.

Marine Biological Profile
Whale Sharks of Baja, Mexico

Baja animals demonstrate great tolerance and curiosity to our encounters. It is very important to keep in mind that we are seeking out wild animals in their environment. We ask you to bear in mind the need for caution and respect on our whale shark tours. Do not presume that we have any control over their actions or appearances whatsoever.

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  • 6-day trips depart Monday 7:00 AM returning Saturday 5:00 PM

  • Custom and longer trips available

  • *Please add 13% Mexican government IVA & 3% National Park Tax*

Baja Whale Shark Tours
Las Animas Wilderness Lodge

Baja Whale Shark Tour Swimming
All Inclusive Itinerary

Day 1
Scenic 2-hour flight from San Diego to Midriff Island Region near Bahia de Los Angeles in the magical Sea of Cortez where we transfer to our boats. Continue to Las Animas Wilderness Lodge where we spend the afternoon exploring the area via boats, snorkeling and swimming with whale sharks. Evenings are filled with fantastic food, a campfire at the beach, star filled skies, fun, tranquility and solitude.

Day 2 - 5
Your mornings will be spent on our whale shark tours, searching for and swimming with Whale Sharks with the help of local fisherman's radio reports or our boat. After AM whale shark snorkeling we return to Las Animas for a delicious fresh lunch. Your afternoons give you lots of opportunities for more fun and sport at no cost. This includes: snorkel with the nearby sea lions, world-class sea kayaking, incredible hiking, fishing, birding, off-shore islands exploration by boat, sailing, birding, finding your own private cover with no one around, and simply relaxing in your private hammock taking in the peace and serenity of this true untouched wilderness area.

Day 6
Morning swim and snorkel with the many sea creature we encounter, namely whale sharks, lunch, a possibility of whale shark viewing on the return boat trip, a scenic return flight to San Diego arriving approximately at 5PM .

"The website and brochures do not even come close to representing the real beauty of this area."
Comments from dozens of guests. Join us on a whale shark tour and find out for yourself!